Excerpt: Wild Fire

Wild Fire by Debra Cowan

The Hot Zone Series, Book 3

Who knew Shelby wore underwear like that?As she stepped out of his bathroom, Clay’s gaze moved over the swell of her breasts, the sleek line of her belly to her lean legs.

Still looking surprised by his unexpected appearance, she gave a nervous laugh.”Why are you looking at me that way?I mean, you’ve seen me in a bikini that shows more than this.”

Jerking his attention to her face, he struggled to keep his voice even. “What way?”

“Like…I don’t know,” she said slowly, her left foot rubbing the top of her right.

Tension swelled between them.Her smile faded, replaced by confusion.

Trying to ease the moment, Clay went with the first thing that came to mind.”Where is that darn tattoo?”

Uncertainty flashed across her gamine features, then she arched a brow. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Hell, yes.He’d like to find it with his hands.His mouth.It took everything he had to pretend that raw, primal need wasn’t clawing through him. “You know I’m going to find it one of these days.”

He saw her take a deep breath and struggled to keep his gaze on her face.Not that it mattered.The sight of her half-naked would be carved into his brain for the rest of his life.

Of course he’d noticed her before.She was right — he’d seen her plenty of times in a bathing suit.She was a good-looking woman with a great body.But he’d never felt like this when he’d noticed. Never been so aware of the powder-fine texture of her skin, the tempting fullness of her breasts, her taut waist.She wasn’t as tall as either of his sisters, but her legs were leanly muscled and strong.The image of those legs wrapped around him exploded on his brain.Startled at his thoughts, he slammed on the mental brakes.

It was too late.The confusion he’d seen earlier in her blue eyes was now panic.She moved carefully across the room toward him, keeping a healthy distance.”I didn’t know you were coming home.”

“Finished my call and thought I’d clean up.”The heated rush of his blood took him off guard.

She stood nearly even with him now, close enough to touch.And he wanted to.

After telling himself for days that the previous instance had been a fluke, that his body’s response to hers didn’t mean anything, Clay was forced to admit he’d been dead wrong.

Copyright 2006 by Debra Cowan

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