Whirlwind Wedding

Whirlwind Wedding by Debra Cowan

Book 2, The Whirlwind, Texas Series

“Had this Angel of Mercy Danced with the Devil…..?”

Catherine Donnelly had come to Whirlwind to care for her rebellious brother. Not to rescue the very man who doubted her sibling’s innocence! But as the Texas Ranger recovered in her bed, she was forced to admit that Jericho Blue might be the one man who could save her. And make her the woman she yearned to be!

Jericho prayed that Catherine had nothing to do with the murderous ambush. For once he’d apprehended the culprits, Jericho knew the only way to satisfy the fierce passion Catherine aroused in him…would be to make the innocent temptress his wife!

The Details

Published: September 2004
ISBN-10: 978-1459237025
ASIN: B007679UEC