Whirlwind Secrets

Whirlwind Secrets by Debra Cowan

Book 5, The Whirlwind, Texas Series

2011 Finalist Booksellers’ Best Award!

He Will Uncover the Truth!

Handsome rancher and hotel owner Russ Baldwin has learned from harsh experience to look twice at people. He’ll never let a woman cheat him again. So when his business partner, Miss Lydia Kent, moves into town, Russ goes on alert…

Russ’s dark, watchful eyes rattle Lydia. She must keep her noble, yet underground, activities — and her emotions — tightly under wraps.

But it doesn’t take long before Russ realizes his curvy, sweet-talkin’ co-owner has hidden depths … and he’s determined to uncover them!

The Details

Publisher: Harlequin Historical
Published: February 2010
ISBN-10: 978-0373295791