Whirlwind Groom

Whirlwind Groom by Debra Cowan

Book 3, The Whirlwind, Texas Series

2006 Finalist Booksellers’ Best Award!

Josie Webster was not a born killer…

But her thirst for justice could make her one. The outlaw who’d murdered her parents and fiance had gotten off scot-free. And now the only thing standing between her and vengeance fulfilled was Sheriff Davis Lee Holt, who held her quarry prisoner … and completely captured her heart!

A woman with secrets needed watching, and lawman Davis Lee Holt intended to watch Josie Webster like a hawk. Why would a seamstress need shooting lessons? Or be curious about the jail? But after nursing her for a near-deadly snakebite, he faced a much more compelling problem: he loved a woman he couldn’t trust!

The Details

Publisher: Harlequin Historical
Published: January 2005
ISBN-10: 978-1459237193
ASIN: B007679UCE