The Ledoux Curse

The Ledoux Curse by Debra Cowan

Paranormal Romance

In 1688, a jealous French nobleman cursed the Ledoux family–if a Ledoux woman fell in love with a man, he would die, damning her to a life of loneliness and guilt.

Despite her mother and grandmother’s warnings, Aubrey never believed in the curse. Until she fell in love with Jeff Wyrick. Until Halloween night five years ago.

After that horrible night, Aubrey pushed Jeff away, vowing never to see him again or admit her feelings, even to herself. Even when he appears on her doorstep with those chiseled features and eyes that melt her resistance.

But Jeff didn’t come back for a meaningless night with Aubrey–he came back for a lifetime. And he’s willing to risk everything, including his life, to be with her.

But first they must break The Ledoux Curse.

The Details

Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne Online Read
Published: January 2008