Our House

Our House by Debra Cowan

Western Historical Romance


A dedicated doctor, she fought to be accepted in a man’s world — and came to Texas after a broken marriage engagement…


The gunslinger came home to care for his orphaned nieces — and ran smack into a headstrong lady doctor who’d already laid claim to them…

Since her friend Jilly died, Abby had lovingly cared for Jilly’s girls; now Jeff wanted to take them away from her. But Jilly had one last wish — for Jeff and Abby to be married, to be real parents to the girls. The arrangement did fulfill Abby’s wish for a family–but she had dreamed of true love, not playing house with an irresponsible, prairie-roughened gunman. Yet Abby and Jeff were already bound by the love of two young ones who needed them. Now maybe time would bring them closer still–as they make a special place to call OUR HOUSE.

The Details

Publisher: Berkley/Jove/Homespun
Published: November 1994
ISBN-10: 0786500573
ISBN-13: 978-0786500574