For Pete's Sake

For Pete's Sake by Debra Cowan

Western Historical Romance


After outlaws murdered her husband and injured her six-year-old son, Julia vowed to protect Pete–at any cost.


A detective, he was sent to Spinner, Missouri, to capture the gang that killed Julia’s husband.

The last thing Julia wanted was for her son to be put in jeopardy . . . again. But Marsh had a job to do–and went undercover as her hired hand. Respecting Julia’s wishes, he kept his distance. Until Pete’s boundless spirit won him over. Seeing the bond grow between Marsh and Pete softened Julia’s heart. And she realized that the only danger threatening her was losing Marsh–and a second chance at love.

The Details

Publisher: Berkley/Jove/Homespun
Published: April 1996
ISBN-10: 978-0515118636
ASIN: 051511863X