A Secret Yearning

A Secret Yearning by Debra Cowan

Western Historical Romance

A stolen kiss…

A stolen moment…

A Secret Yearning

She was running for her life when she felt his arms around her, a stranger in a dark alley whose searing kiss branded her soul. He was stunned to realize that the woman who’d left his lips burning was a nun! Regina Harrison couldn’t afford to be unmasked, couldn’t afford the passions he stirred. If her secret was unveiled, her life — and those of others — would be at stake. But when the counterfeit nun and the rugged stranger met again in the dark and terrifying night, he was the only one who could help, this outsider who held her life — and her heart — in his hands….

When their lives crossed in the darkness, Cole Wellington was still simmering with memories of a devastating betrayal — by his wife and his best friend. He sought vengeance, not the emerald eyes and ivory skin of a nun he was forbidden to possess. But when fate brought them together a second time, he knew he would lay down his life to save her, the ravishing beauty with secrets to burn, secrets he vowed to uncover…

The Details

Publisher: Dell
Published: September 1996
ISBN-13: 978-0440221951
ASIN: B005YPV370