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Witness Undercover

Inspirational Romantic Suspense
Available now! 


                                 IN SAFE KEEPING

Laura Prentiss will do whatever it takes to save her father—WU front 250x395
even come out of witness protection. Ever since turning in evidence that put her dangerous ex behind bars, she’s had a killer on her trail.  It’ll take someone extraordinary to keep her safe now—someone like former navy SEAL Griffin Devaney.

Griffin blames himself for the ambush that took his teammates’ lives, and he’s determined that nothing will ever happen to someone under his protection again. But as the connection between Griffin and Laura grows, so do the threats against them.

Griffin will put everything at stake for a future with Laura—if they survive long enough to have one.


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For Pete's Sake by Debra CowanOur House by Debra CowanOur House and For Pete’s Sake will be making their debut in ebook soon!

You can find out more about the books by visiting the book pages:

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